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The Elite 8000 Custom Windows Series

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The Elite 8000

The Elite 8000 custom Windows series come in different styles, double hung, sliders - 2 or3 lites, casement & awning , bays and bows.

The Elite 8000 Window Collection is proudly manufactured in the USA creating jobs for tens of thousands of American workers. Unlike other window manufacturer, our vinyl extrusion and glass components are 100% made in USA.

All elite 8000 Windows and Patio Doors products are NFRC tested, certified and labeled. The Elite 8000 series by Polaris is proud to be an Energy Star Partner and offer our customers windows and patio doors with the Energy Star label. Energy Star is the symbol for energy efficiency.

Windows and Patio doors are solid UPVC Construction.

Benefits The Elite 8000 Door Sytem

  • 100% pure vinyl
  • Increased impact resistance, increased strength
  • Resists staining, non porous, non yellowing, never require painting
  • Fusion welded, prevents air leakage, water infiltration and energy loss
  • Longevity and structural integrity
  • Environmental Green, Polyurethane Foam Insulation, increased Energy Savings, Lowers the UV value which increases thermal performance and increases the R -Value
  • All windows and Patio doors have the Innergy, Rigid Thermal Reinforcement
  • Advanced fiberglass reinforced resin inserts designed to slide easily into window frame chambers for greater support and insulation, up to 700 times better than aluminum in material -to- material comparison
  • All locks are powder coated zinc, Lexan sash locks, recessed tilt latches, welded frame & sash corners
  • Standard patented Roller Tilt Constant Force Balance System
  • State of the Art Supreme Glass System, Triple Pane Insulating Glass, one Lite of High Performance Soft Coat Low E Glass, One Lite of Annealed Float Glass, Ultimate True Warm-Edge Technology, Two Cambers of Argon
  • Our ultimate Warm Edge Spacer blocks heat escape paths at the glass edge, providing one of the best thermal performance in the Industry
  • Metal spacer are highly conductive and let heat pass through, while Supreme insulated Glass Ultimate Warm Edge spacer formula inhibits heat flow
  • Resists condensation plus virtually eliminates harmful mold & mildew that can cause illness

Whether its cars whizzing by, lawnmowers buzzing or inclement weather beating on your home, The Ultimate Insulated glass system’s Ultimate Warm Edge spacer transmits very little sound compared to conventional metal spacers, keeping noise outside your home.

The all-foam formula met the challenge of the P-1 chamber, the test that many engineers consider the world’s toughest.

The Elite 8000 Window Collection is proud to offer our customers vinyl replacement windows and sliding glass patio doors with the ENRGY STAR label! All Elite 8000 windows and sliding door products specified with Supreme Triple Insulated Glass with Low E and Argon Gas are ENERGY STAR qualified in all 50 states.

U-factor (U.S/I-P) .22 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient .27. Visible Transmittance .48 Reasons why you won’t find a better window system: Energy Efficiency, Enhanced Interior Environment, Evolutionary Interior Design, Easy of Installation, Easy of Maintenance, Easy of Operation, Ultimate Glass System, Weight Management System, ENERGY STAR Qualified Products, Engineered for Excellence, Extensive Warranties backed by the Manufacturer.

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